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Harbinger - Doom on You

by Dying Victims Productions

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Now! The battle begins, the wages of sin We're pissed and preparing for war Yeah! Let's sound the alarm and rally the troops Hellfighters and now we want more Denim and Leather together we stand Hardcore boys will die at our hands Hammering metal into your heads White belts torn to shreds Marching, advancing, and striking them back We've taken our blows now it's time for the counterattack Kill them all, one by one, hunt them down Begging for Mercy, see them fall, now it’s done
In a time before there was power Stripped down abandoned and left to die Trust forgotten to a bottomless pit Never knew the reason why In that time before there was power When moments of weakness consumed my soul Constant struggle in the battle for control Dark ages filled with crowns and thorns Black hatred makes you rue the day you were born The dismal passing seems a thousand years A lifetime built on broken dreams and fallen tears Lost and alone, surrounded by traitors Severed ties never fail to surprise me Marked for death in a continuous way Day to day, of extensive exclusion Through it all, felt so aloof But time’s progression brings destruction of youth No connection to what you hath wrought If ever there was good in you, I forgot This is my source of power Stand tall and never cower They are the ones that seek to break us Fighting for themselves They will not overtake us Oh, save dreams for some other day And so we wait until there’s no time Til there’s no time Oh, locked in deliberate delay And so we wait until there’s no time Til there’s no time So much to lose in being so afraid On this rocket ride from cradle to the grave One shallow spark to mark your place upon this plane No time, no time Potential promises to earn my worldly wealth But lifetime damage turned me into someone else And all those promises got put back on the shelf No time, no time None
Mourningstar 05:21
Legacy of the Belmont clan Filled with War and Pain Each generation awaits the day When the Count shall rise again Driven, relentless he arms for the cause Necklace of laurel, sign of the cross The curse is in place and the battle’s begun The horrible darkness, engulfing the sun The battle seems done, but I have not yet begun to fight Against the armies of the night Morningstar still gleaming bright Many will fall but still I stand Morningstar clutched within my hand Together we fight to free this land What a horrible night to have a curse The Castlevanian lord shall fulfill his curse Through forests of evil and bridges long gone Through Belasco Marsh, he’s soldiering on The spawn of Medusa is guarding the lair Of a lunatic path of which none will dare But he does not far for For the ones who live in terror Crushed under his tyranny For the ones who stand to lose Against his dark diabolic decree For the blood of the Belmont line That flows within my veins And for the souls he’s lost I swear this fiend shant live another day He runs for the tower with purpose in his eyes Assaulting the count for it’s time to claim his prize He’ll give it his all, for destiny’s call The last scene is set just like the writing on the wall The battle’s begun, there can be only one The crack of a whip, what will be shown in the morning sun?
Foul mistress, steeped in deception Cold as ice, denying affection Don’t matter what you do once you’ve been ensnared Talented temptress, provoking desire Til you succumb to the call of the siren song One step and she’ll leave you far behind You’ve taken my heart and you’ve thrown it away You’re playing your games but can’t fool me to stay Why do you lie to me day after day? You ask for truth, she’ll fake it Give her your heart she’ll break it Don’t think it’s love, you’re mistaken Blackhearted woman Just give it time and you will see Just what she’s doing to me Won’t let me be, blackhearted woman She’s a bitch, but not from the start Drew and arrow aimed it straight for the heart Let the arrow fly now I’m in hell I’m Samson, she’s my Delilah This Jezebel sets my soul on fire And I’m the one who’s burning in the end Watching, waiting, wandering for you Only you
Poser Patrol 04:30
We’re breaking down your doors Hands up or we’ll open fire We don’t take no shit Fully loaded loose cannons for hire So give up your fakes Or prepare to be taken by force We’re drunk and mad as hell And they call us the poser patrol Don’t run, you’ll never escape us Don’t talk, you’ll only enrage us Metal will never let you pose or fake the truth Keep it up cause we’re coming to get you Fail the test and you’re under arrest Now you’re through Look out! It’s the Poser Patrol Watch out! We’re out of control Don’t fuck with the Poser Patrol And don’t impose your posing Take you down to the ground and die You can find us on the streets tonight Looking for a heavy metal fight Don’t bark or you’ll feel our bite Say it’s wrong, well we know it’s right Give us shit and we’ll give you hell Lock you up throw you in a cell Your weak attacks we easily repel Do what we do and we do it well
What if the world brings you down to your knees? Would it kill your desire? Floodgates open releasing the seas Would it put out your fire? And when the walls go crumbling in Do you fall to the ground? Crushed by ruins, much to your chagrin Don’t let yourself be bound You’ve got to fight Living my life, on the edge of a knife, there’s nowhere to turn Straight on ahead, be quick or be dead, get up or get burned Unstoppable force, feel no remorse for what we’ve done No turning back, prepare for attack, there’s no time to run All knobs to the right, let’s slaughter tonight, the posers will die Too loud for the crowd, too drunk to be proud, no one can deny Fulfilling your need for raw sonic speed, it’s taking your breath Die for metal, live for death, thrash until there’s nothing left You weigh your troubles pound for pound No wonder that the burden’s holding you down An ounce of sorrow, an ounce of regret It’s the same, you’re to blame So many forces try to hold you down, make you cower You’ve got to prove to them that you’ve got the power The reckless speed inside that won’t let you stop Cut the breaks, hit the lights, take it over the top What if the world brings you down to your knees? Would it kill your desire? Floodgates open releasing the seas Would it put out your fire? And when the walls go crumbling in Do you fall to the ground? Crushed by ruins, much to your chagrin Don’t let yourself be bound You’ve got to fight, fight for your life Right on your course, stay your course and don’t lose sight Of what it is that drives you onward Not for them to decide Why should you hide when you’ve got so much to do? Your fate begins and ends with you
One man treks the barren lands Leading a tough and rugged band The greatest to ever play the game Without a past, without a name Seasons come, seasons go Outland outcomes no one knows Still the challenge will begin And only the strong will win None shall pass upon the field Those that dare will taste the steel Blood of heroes all I see On our way to victory Those that try are those that die No mercy no compromise Blood of heroes all around Juggers march to another town Ten stones, the end is drawing near Smell the blood and taste the fear With every clash the crowd will roar At the broken bodies drenched in gore Strike with force, strike with speed Earn the right to face the league Dogskull slammed onto the stake Nine cities and the crown await
Harbinger 03:15
On a perilous quest to start the test Ten miles east and ten miles west Journeys across the forbidden lands Through poisonous marshes and swirling sands Defending the wrong, defending the right Fighting for his right to fight Motive gone and his purpose lost But he’ll win at any cost Harbinger, Harbinger What is it you’re looking for? Harbinger, Harbinger What is it you’re seeking? Harbinger, Harbinger No way to know just what’s in store Harbinger, Harbinger Glory’s only fleeting The burning cold and the freezing heat In victory he finds defeat Obeying decrees which no longer exist In order to earn the dead maiden’s kiss Searching for answers that will never be found Slayers slain as they’re slammed to the ground An endless end to a pointless point As he wanders on and on
Iron Rulers 04:50
The iron rulers have returned Reclaiming wreckage from the mire You'll never take what you cant earn Storm the throne and stone the liars Blighted banners set ablaze Crazy Knights embrace the daze The bitter man dont understand What's true and what's real and don’t know how it feels to wield the steel! Stolen iron can’t sustain Reckless actions shirk tomorrow Gutless glory ends in pain Unsheathe the blade let loose the salvo Blighted banners set ablaze Crazy Knights embrace the daze The bitter man dont understand What's true and what's real and don’t know how it feels When the blows start to fall and you answer the call To wield the steel The iron rulers will prevail Laying siege to ivory towers Our heavy mettle never fails Battle-hardened, forged in power Blighted banners set ablaze Crazy knights embrace the daze The bitter man dont understand What's true and what's real and don’t know how it feels When the blows start to fall and you answer the call Midst the deafening crash as we fight to the last And your fate is unseen then you'll know what it means To wield The Steel


DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present a long-overdue vinyl LP edition of Doom on You, the lone cult album of Michigan’s HARBINGER.

Originally released in 2009 by Chris Black’s Planet Metal label but only on CD, Doom on You would be the only full-length Lansing, Michigan’s HARBINGER would record. While a couple demos preceded it and a late-coming split 7” with Züül would be released in 2015, the band effectively broke up following the album’s original release, and Doom on You would successively grown in stature as a gem of cult American metal.

HARBINGER had its roots in a preceding band called Thwarter, which was admittedly “hugely influenced by Holy Terror, Sabbat, and Sadus.” As Thwarter eventually transitioned into HARBINGER and the lineup began to solidify, their style shifted away from thrash-leaning to more classic heavy metal, influenced as much by NWOBHM mainstays as Satan, Avenger, Iron Maiden, Praying Mantis, and Tokyo Blade as well as the power metalled likes of Gotham City, Nocturnal Rites, and Jag Panzer. With the joining of bassist Doc, HARBINGER then recorded a whole album’s worth of songs.

“This was around 2005 to 2006,” guitarist Victron Power L. continues the story. “Though the band never really caught on except with a few local friends at the time, we decided we should try to record the songs around that time. This was ill fated, and the original recording session with our friend Kevin was a disaster due to far too much partying, poor rehearsal, and overwhelming levels of power. We threw in the towel around 2007 but decide to give it another go a year later that resulted in the album Doom on You, or ‘Fuck You’ in Vietnamese.”

However, that second go didn’t yield the intended results, continues the guitarist: “The recording of Doom on You the second time around was not necessarily better managed, and still there was much tomfoolery and partying, and even the initial recordings from 2008 were are also destroyed in a cataclysmic event involving a bottle of alcohol, a misstep, and collision with the recording devices. However, upon the third attempt to record the album, we were able to see it through to the end, and that album is what you see here.”

Like a band out of time, HARBINGER strafed against the prevailing paradigms of 2009, when Doom on You was finally released, but there’s equally an effervescent sense of freshness here that puts the record far beyond retro retread. Raw and slick simultaneously, flashy yet fierce and also FUN, brimming with bright leads and dark ones, and an utterly engaging GOING-FOR-IT attitude, it’s practically impossible not to get swept up in Doom on You. The punk roots of most of the band’s members give their classic American power metal style a unique aspect, with a bevy of unusual twists and turns that, say, Agent Steel would’ve taken, but that just makes HARBINGER hit that much harder and lodge the album deeper into its your psyche. Seriously, this is cult metal for cult metallers, played by cult metallers!

“Though there was a lot of passion, a lot of friendship, and also a lot of bickering, we were able to leave this testament for us and a few of our friends who really liked what we did,” concludes Victron. “After the album came out on CD through Chris Black’s old label Planet Metal Records, we did one more show with Cauldron and Enforcer at Blondies in Detroit and put the band on a rest. We would return some years later to record a new song and play some concerts, but it was a little different and maybe should have been called something else.”

The members of HARBINGER played in many other projects afterwards: vocalist Matt Warr had Wastelander and now Low Magic; Doc had Locust Point; and Victron along with drummer Sean Cyriis and fellow guitarist David Ruiz followed with Borrowed Time and now Prelude to Ruin. But that one lone album document of Doom on You retained such a special magic, such a snapshot in time, that DYING VICTIMS felt duty-bound to preserve the name of Michigan’s HARBINGER for posterity – and we’re all the richer that it’s suitably (and FINALLY) being released on the format it so deserves, VINYL!


released April 22, 2022


all rights reserved



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