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Serpent Storm

by Armagh

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heavy.metal.parking.chair thumbnail
heavy.metal.parking.chair Such a unique mix of classic influences without feeling “retro.” A blast for true metal hierophants Favorite track: Industrial District Fever.
zauceboss thumbnail
zauceboss this album is an absolute masterpiece. incredibly dynamic and diverse tracks top to bottom, a vocal performance for the ages, and blast beats assaulting out of nowhere. there is NOTHING out there that comes close to Armagh's sound on this album, completely unique and stunningly beautiful. i tell everyone that will listen about this album. Favorite track: Mhacha's Height.
Gojira Blume
Gojira Blume thumbnail
Gojira Blume Armagherd, this ain't bad!!
ANDREW HALL thumbnail
ANDREW HALL had to buy the digital version because apparently postage to the UK is £175 for the CD 😳

loving the mix of styles with this though
stiopan thumbnail
stiopan As a Pole I can only cry tears of joy hearing this record. Favorite track: Into the Fumes of Deutero-Steel.
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She comes when least expected And leaves you without saying Uninvited guest of honor Temporary blessing Fix for hunger Cause of pain Elusive, exclusive Life supporting bane Anesthetized I gaze upon Her mountainous wandering She’s wiring new mystery Unconscious of me watching The air behind the glass Will never be that fresh Despite it may be last Let me take that breath Lead: Exorcist Woman from the hills She’ll leave you in her wake Embodiment of freedom Burned at the stake Woman from the hills Please enlighten me We used to fade away together… Was that I who abandoned thee? Too irreverent to comprehend No man can possess you Cover eyes yet open minds Descent into obsession Years go by, our lives are led Paths gets blurry and sky erst gray Once again is turning red Hope we’ll meet again someday
Her careless flight has always been forlorn As day greets the endless night since universe in death was born Final breath incoming soon to be engulfed by haze She leads into the grasp of doom where every being will meet its fate it’s too late In a wake of distant scream no mortal can last Howling of the black wind all defenses collapse Eons pass and noble crowns just turn to dust Blown away in course unknown forever be gone In desperate escape from something long destined chances are none Howling of the black wind will carry on Never fade until life goes dim yet always portend No matter where your path begins it comes to an end Can’t run mind sanctuary’s trespassed I must lay down to rest in stun can’t overcome Ruthless circle of time I’ve once possessed Rejoin to past and you’ll see at last beyond the truths untold Wandering soul on trail to nowhere finally reaches goal ALRIGHT
Through the darkness it unfolds See the future, bright and cold Statues fell, no need to kneel Embrace the Times of Deutero-Steel! Ancient prophets had foreseen Veil of iron spared the dream They’ve made their statement loud and clear Put some Metal in your ears! Let it resonate within the soul Of every warrior yet unborn Paved the way, but lost their sense Legacy of obsolescence Hear the sound of coming storm Sacred blood is dark and warm Authorities, no need to kneel Embrace the Times of Deutero-Steel Being at peace with one another Is not that easy as it seems When the demons from the past Keep staring back at me Everything that surrounds this place is so damn wrong Your eyes are full of lights Delusion much too strong
Before the rays enlights horizon site Amongst the shades cross those whose eyes can see through veil of night Watchtower rises over darkened landscape up from there restless stares will penetrate the haze Listen out for eerie sound awaits in silence trace the ground From battlements observe the sky as the night is passing by Twisted figures emerged from the black revealed themselves and launch attack Disturbing aura fills the air as creatures crawled out of their lairs They had to dwell below dungeon depths since the dawn of time reclaim the earth and swallow every spark of life Their horrid effigy tear apart any mortal mind left mumbling lunatics behind
Fortress built on ashes Castle made of sand Buffer of reality Devouring what’s at hand Provided sense of strength Felt like you belong But when it got so dark It stopped Looking down the precipice Juggling on a tightrope Going up there, where she’s from Driven by despair Altering the past Begging for a difference And reaching it at last Stake is freshly lit Shadows have strange forms But there is no more fear There’s nothing at all Ring of stone Thirst for more Pay with life Sacrifice must be done One hour here is ten out there And the bridge is falling apart Never learned to goddamn care You’ll never have my heart
Does night seem so long or dawn failed to come? Grim lair I must leave for the quest has begun Heavy clouds gathered rain strikes in its wrath Follow rising noise that haunts from above Through endless black skies chaotic winds howl Fulfill mind with terror yet chill down the soul Yeah Within dark place and time revelation will be done By everlasting charm of lightning strikes before my eyes Embracing cold journey without glance ahead as forces of storm we raised cannot misled
Habitat of madness Exploited and vast Timeless algorithms Future, present, past Voluntary prison Merciless routine Longing for the places You have never been Heated concrete slabs Something fills the air Area shutting down Bituminous hell Schedule is complete Unveil the second face An adult orphanage Move along, go somewhere else I remember that night, it felt like never before Woke up screaming, somebody’s at the door! No one heard whispers and footsteps but me Is this induced insanity already? Where one can find tranquility Another drowns in fright Look, a tarnished coin Flip it to the other side The outcast lair opens You don’t wanna mess around Distant screams, sinister laughter Nocturnal creatures, filthy hounds Industrial district fever There’s a fire on your ice Nothing’s what it seems Lightning strikes twice Wish there always will be someone Who puts meaning in this shit Standing at the graves of innocence Where you know you’ll never fit
Streets are hot tonight Day has finally died Don’t leave any trace There’s no time to waste Lose the tail in acrid smoke It’s so dense, you might get choked Skin calluses, turns to scales Nightmare meets a fairy tale As cool as you can get With axe above your head Keep saying it’s so fine Throw another line Beyond the night, you’re born again Leave behind what makes a man Don’t ask because I don’t know when We found ourselves in the lion’s den Remove the sands of time From thousand dreamy eyes The night is pure and wide You’re too afraid to try Beyond the night you’re born again To find yourself every now and then Beyond the night die by my hand Sun goes down, you’ll meet your fate
Flattened rats Fucking cunts Thin like paper Why they’re like that So damn fat Yet completely flat Pretty dead But also not Like those flyers with whores Scattered on the streets If you listened closer You’d hear the flat heartbeat Silent pulse of nothingness The song remains the same Empty bottles after someone’s yesterday Come with me Stake is high Chase your better Three-dimensional life Must be hurry Take the bait As we (already) know Only hell awaits Can’t you see That you and me We have that kind of chemistry Fighting feral cats With germs from our guts Flattened rats That’s what we do Malevolent Through and through Spreading the disease Pleasure to meet you
You living on never asking why When time comes you’ll die For body’s old delusive’s mind There’s nothing more For you to find thy last descent Below shadows den (reaches end) I feel the presence It’s in my room Ugly reflection Big gloom... Yellow and red Individual doom Messing with my head Forcing to consume Continuous living On the battlefield Without any weapon And without shield Finally it hit Had to wait a while Strange is to forget What you’ve done that many times Now I feel alright We’re equals, we can talk Lady with no legs In the rain she made her walk Can’t believe how strong could be Ability to overcome Makes me reconsider There’s no place like home Death is near Death is near Death is near Have no fear


DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present ARMAGH’s highly anticipated second album, Serpent Storm, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Formed in 2012, ARMAGH are a heavy metal force from Satanic City Warsaw. Mixing classic heavy metal from the '70s and '80s with proto-black metal, ARMAGH are the creators of First Wave Only movement, which unites several Polish bands delivering old-school metal – among them, labelmates GALLOWER and SEXMAG but also Torpor, Wielki Mrok, and R.I.P. – with primal severity in their sound and message.

Truly, ARMAGH are a maniac maniac’s band, idiosyncratic mainlining such noble influences as Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, KISS, Manilla Road, early Slayer and Megadeth, W.A.S.P, Bathory, Dissection, Running Wild, KAT, and the NWOBHM in general into something authentically rustic and effortlessly unique. They delivered their first recording, the Venomous Frost EP, in 2016 and then followed it three years later with a split and then debut album, Cold Wrath of Mother Earth. The latter was exceptionally cult, but simply set the stage for their breakout record: Serpent Storm.

Wild and weird but never belabored, ARMAGH’s second album seemingly comes from an alien place – one where Battle Cry, Another Perfect Day, Haunting the Chapel, Chinatown, Under the Sign of the Black Mark, and Born Again all simultaneously play in perfect, hellish harmony. A true record collector’s record, Serpent Storm displays its power and personality at every turn, each of these ten songs offering its own canvas of darkness and mystery, ultimately making the album an epic of archaic splendor and true rivetheaded spirit. For as “old” as the album supposedly sounds (and by OLD, we mean ANCIENT), ARMAGH’s rumbling ‘n’ roiling attack feels remarkably fresh compared to so much nowadays “heavy metal” or especially “black metal”; from the warlocked clean tones of frontman Galin Soulreaper to his almost rock ‘n’ rollish guitar tones, there’s nothing trendy – only timeless – about that attack. The 45 minutes of Serpent Storm feel too short, so addicting is its alchemy.

Prepare for the sleeper hit of the year in ARMAGH’s Serpent Storm: FUCK MODERN METAL, FIRST WAVE ONLY!


released May 26, 2023


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