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Exclamation Po​!​nt

by Armagh

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Rough Edges 05:46
Don't underestimate what's in the dark Delusion of the eyes reflecting lighter spark Wheezing contradictions Mirror, bright obscurity And dreadful conviction Something's near Mind assuming worst Body's getting weak Such a thorny place Blood is getting thick Steam occuring on the surface Breathing seems no longer yours First stab of pain and doubt Second face, internal wars Damaged knuckles aching Pointless effort, waste Glass particles sticking It's already in this place Part of jigsaw puzzle Fell behind the bars Silence screams your name It's written in the stars So afraid to even think Feels like nothing's changed I don't want to hate you But you're making me deranged Immunize, the hardest thing Expect the unexpected Forgot to take that from the past And this should be rejected Stirring up another stream Replacing teeth with broken glass Needles, nails and safety pins Torn and sown, fixed too fast Wandering and wondering Changing point of view I couldn't stay much longer From here I see the fields of blue Three thirty in the morning It's dark and very cold Edges cut the skin Wrinkled and old
Thrown in the whirl Into detached form Where the line begins And the warriors spawn Cast into this space I was born again They gave me new face Still I kept my old bane Stuck between the grinding gears Daily life is cogs and wheels Surface full of welds and seams Impaled by rusty nails and pins The world I was found in Like all previous ones I've seen Chaos and Law, the black and the green With sword I must stand in between Masters of Time Rewinding tapes of memory Degrading after decades Initial pulse is fading away Followed by the petrol cascade Masters of Time Have No Time to Die Rambling through the maze of loss Encountering strange mutations Things I think I knew before Was it the previous life I saw? Pictures of the battlefields Eternized on back of eyelids Cannot rest during display The years counted in thousands
Aftermath 04:30
Some were self assured And afterwards had failed Some were lost before New coordinates unveiled Divided by reality Few years ago we've said What supposed to be eternal Needs to rest within the grave You're no saint You've lost the faith Went deaf for others than yourself Judging, blaming Pulling rug Something I don't want to understand Broken promises, retreat After all what has been done Now it's easier talking shit Than focus on your own Aftermath Where are you going with that? People make mistakes To overstay was mine If someone makes you feel like a lesser man Break away, redefine There are always new surroundings You're not condemned for noxious lines After all, there's only one who'll stay With you out there, in the cold, black night To put it neatly and polite There's no benefit of the doubt For some of you I carry words You no longer have my heart Let me play my music One to many you weren't there And I just can't refuse it Since when do you even care? Aftermath On pariah path and like it out here To know is not to understand Look around, 'coz death is near No more self deceiving Nearly stopped believing We could change the world together Something else was always better There are still new things to learn Numerous ways to choose Restless souls in mortal coil This time they won't lose!
This one came out good Figured, what the hell There's a message in the stillness If you're able to hear well Peculiar way to operate Turning into vermin Death and love, life and hate Enigmatic sermons Various expressions Vertical floating Seeing yourself Laughing and pointing Ragdoll corpses Familiar faces Unplugged from sources Reactance Known from autopsy Rigor mortis Plain beyond the scale Deriving from the essence Shout out more distinctly The way to remain present One step at the time If you stumble - no return! On the basis of the rivarly You can build or you can burn You decide, don't be a fool Or they'll step over you Critical mass, what will I do Well, you could do something too World still keeps on turning Flattens out and spinning round Something stuck between the sides Turn this record ups!de down
The Portal 05:53
Through the realm of the dead And the ever young Where in vortex of spirits All voyage begun New presence, anticipated In search of the dawn The passage will be created By blood on the stone Created by the faithless king Across the land lay scattered Its megalithic summoning Grim purpose, unseen pattern Spawning twisted, wicked forms Creatures of ritual Skins embedded with barbs and thorns Carnage habitual Spirits, dearests, ancestry swarms Consistent flow Separates the living ones Children on skid row Splitting up the sky Spire scrapes the cloud It's not the time to cry You and I, I can't breathe sometimes Infiltrates my mind Draught of energy Reaching for your hand It feels like you're next to me Upon the Portal Splitting up the sky Spire scrapes the clouds Don't want to know why You and I, we've tried Penetrates my mind Draught of energy City has your eyes Feels like you are here Seconds, minutes, hours, days Months, years, decades, centuries Witnessing the birth and death Conflict, truce, realities Voices from the past Whispers from beyond the gates We need to go
Rapid Str!de 04:19
Not supposed to be Not enough for you Will we set ourselves free? Will we ever break through? Your bubble will pop And distracted lights They'll merge into one By the cover of night Questioning what the world stands on Afraid of being exposed Controlling behavior Of twenty thousand souls Sustained release Nobody has told What's the point of this Homesick and alone N.K.N.K. Then the second wave Washes the synapses Leaves no single trace No data to be captured Valiant, full of might Pity, not a clue Happens all the time This is me and you Don't want to forget Memories are cooling Talk to someone else No longer dumb and drooling Eerie and unfair Can't put this into words Maybe someone somewhere Will need a few good chords...
So rare in time of need And potential variety Seemingly not of value Discarded in entirety Transmitter has caught What is wrong and right Intricate construction No more sudden strikes Was just about to leave Pay a visit to the city Few words came to my head Quite strange and oddly pretty Confusion's the one Moments of ecstasy Outline of a meaning Second birth, curiosity No defence reaction An accident, twist of fate Dormant satisfaction Should we be afraid? Shades are moving slowly Stripes of unknown light Crossing, passage, stairway Higher levels of mind Elevators, change of pressure They're skipping secret floors Long, thin figure down the hall Never seen that one before Fascinating, dangerous Yet subtle and kind Extremely addictive Very hard to find Cannot open now Don't want to disturb You know where you can find me Whatever will occur No need to name it now Maybe this is new No matter where we'll go I owe you
It's getting late my friends Time to walk away Another time, another place Tomorrow is today Changing of the guard New ranger of the dawn Will hold the shield Upon your head Our enemies Will end up dead Shadow walkers, if you're there You better beware Have you ever been In a lucid nightmare? We're gonna slit your throats With your own swords We don't fucking care No more Enough for now In search of the unreachable Night travellers, down to fight No single stone left standing Have mercy Yeah, right Barbarians of the bulwark Join us in our quest Hand by hand Piece by piece It's up to you Remain or cease At the borders of the worlds In the zones of non-existence Where the woman's distant voice Calmly tears down the persistence City's burning, mind is falling Where denial is the fix But baby, don't you worry Rats are taught to do the tricks With Atom Smashing force Pounding on the skins Vandall of the Navis Shredding hostile ears CultCommander leading Through the valley of the shadow Ripping is my thing Prepare for soulless fallow


DYING VICTIMS PRODUCTIONS is proud to present ARMAGH’s highly anticipated third album, Exclamation Po!nt, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Formed in 2012, ARMAGH are a heavy metal force based in Satanic City Warsaw and Necropolis Navis. Mixing classic heavy metal from the '70s and '80s with proto-black metal, ARMAGH are the creators of First Wave Only movement, which unites several Polish bands delivering old-school metal – among them, labelmates GALLOWER and SEXMAG but also Torpor, Wielki Mrok, and R.I.P. – with primal severity in their sound and message.

Truly, ARMAGH are a maniac maniac’s band, idiosyncratic mainlining such noble influences as Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Motörhead, KISS, Manilla Road, early Slayer and Megadeth, W.A.S.P, Bathory, Dissection, Running Wild, KAT, and the NWOBHM in general into something authentically rustic and effortlessly unique. But it was their second album, Serpent Storm – originally self-released in 2022, but then released on vinyl the next year by DYING VICTIMS – where they had their breakout moment. A true record collector’s record, Serpent Storm displayed its power and personality at every turn, coming from an alien place – one where Battle Cry, Another Perfect Day, Haunting the Chapel, Chinatown, Under the Sign of the Black Mark, and Born Again all simultaneously play in perfect, hellish harmony – but evincing a wild and weird but never belabored alchemy that was simply peerless.

Now, two years later, ARMAGH stir up their cauldron once again with their third album, Exclamation Po!nt. This record features a wholly reconstructed lineup, with founding frontman/guitarist Galin Soulreaper now joined by fellow guitarist Vikk Vandall, bassist Tom CultCommander, and drummer Al Atom Smasher. As such, it’s a far more collaborative effort than the largely Soulripper-written Serpent Storm, with each new member adding their own fiery flair to an altogether less-immediate but much-more-mysterious album: Tom CultCommander’s spacey & hypnotic bass work (a Hawkwind influence is detectable across the record, as is a faint whiff of Rush), Vandall’s impulsive & spring-loaded leads, and the jazzy, Bill Ward-esque drumming of Atom Smasher. Less is indeed MORE here!

Just as wild and weird as its mighty predecessor but perhaps eating subtler, sweeter fruits, the deliberately demonstrative Exclamation Po!nt dives deeply into moodier and mustier waters, sounding impossibly older than even Serpent Storm. It’s all unmistakably ARMAGH, but if LP#3 proves anything (and loudly), it’s that these Polish maniacs are operating at the height of their powers – and, again, as a full band this time. No dynamic is too severe, no construct too off-kilter, no speed shunned: with greater emphasis on harmony vocals and Soulreaper’s lonely-warlock tones guiding the listener into a misty, mystical wonder-world, Exclamation Po!nt weaves a plaintive-yet-powerful spell that traverses the whole spectrum of human experience. And perhaps it’s there that ARMAGH in general and Exclamation Po!nt in particular excels – that it’s undeniably human in construction and execution, but its journey (and destination) is otherworldly to the splendorous extreme. Or, cutting out the fancy words, what we have here is heartfelt, handmade heavy metal: no modern, no trends, no way!

No longer the “sleeper hit of the year,” ARMAGH are prepared to punctuate “best of 2024” conversations already with Exclamation Po!nt!


released March 15, 2024


all rights reserved



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